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Policy for Dropping Courses

Policy Number: EP-12.01

Effective Date: Fall 2012

Policy Title: Policy for Dropping Courses (view the full SCEP proposal)

Contact: Office of Academic Programs

Policy Statement: The course self-drop deadline (using my.UIC) is the second Friday of fall and spring, the first Wednesday of Summer Session 1, or the first Friday of Summer Session 2.

Starting with the third week and ending with the tenth week of the term (second Wednesday of Summer Session 1 and weeks 2 through 5 for Summer Session 2), undergraduate students may drop individual courses in their college offices, up to the maximum permitted limit of four over the course of their undergraduate degree programs. Undergraduate and graduate students who drop during this time period will receive a W grade on their academic records. There is no refund for course drops made after the second Friday of fall and spring, the first Wednesday of Summer Session 1, or the first Friday of Summer Session 2.

In cases of academic dishonesty, the university reserves the right to reinstate a student into the class where the alleged misconduct has occurred, if the student has withdrawn. Withdrawal from a class does not absolve a student from his or her responsibility under the Student Disciplinary Policy or negate a grade adjustment for the class based on sanctions administered as a result of a student conduct hearing.

International students in F-1 or J-1 status are required to be registered full time (12 semester hours) every semester. International students who wish to register for less than 12 semester hours should speak with an advisor in the Office of International Services (OIS) prior to dropping courses or under-enrolling. In order to maintain immigration status, permission must be granted by OIS in advance of dropping below full time. OIS is located in 2160 Student Services Building (SSB) and may be contacted at (312) 996-3121 or

Students should consult their college section of the catalog for information on how to drop courses with permission of the college.

Reason for Policy: The UIC Committee of Associate and Assistant Deans (CAAD) proposes that the University course drop policy and the grade point recalculation policy be revised to include stipulations specific to the student conduct process.

The current policy permits students to drop individual courses in their college offices from the second through the tenth week of the term. Students who drop during this time period will receive a W grade on their academic record. The policy does not address how the student conduct process may impact a course drop. A statement that dropping a course does not absolve a student of penalties if found guilty of academic dishonesty will reinforce the university’s position regarding the Student Disciplinary Policy, and reduce the likelihood of a challenge to a grade change processed by the college. Extending this policy to grade point average recalculation will ensure that, sanctions administered as a result of a student conduct hearing, will not be undermined by university processes. The proposed changes will bring university policy in line with long established college policies to adhere to recommendations of the student conduct process.

Minority Impact Statement: The proposed changes to the university drop policy and grade point average recalculation policy will provide clarity to all students regarding the Student Disciplinary Policy.

Who Should Read the Policy:  Faculty, staff, and students at UIC.

Policy History: 

  • Previous version of the policy (EP-09.02) approved in January 2009.
  • Section of the policy related to grade point average recalculation was not included on this website because it was updated with the version of the Undergraduate Grade Point Average Recalculation Policy that was approved in 2016.
  • Updated version of the policy approved by the Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) on April 4, 2012.
  • Policy approved by the UIC Faculty Senate on April 19, 2012.

For more information about registration policies, view the UIC Catalog.