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UIC Design Review Committee

Policy Number:  CAP-4400-001

Policy Title: UIC Design Review Committee 

Vice Chancellor/Associate Chancellor: Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services 

Unit Responsible for Policy: Capital Planning and Project Management/UIC Architect 

Effective Date: January 24, 2018


  • Director, Office of Capital Planning and Project Management
  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Learning Environments and UIC Architect

Policy Statement: The UIC Design Review Committee (DRC) will review and make recommendations regarding site development and exterior design of new buildings, renovations and landscape projects that will significantly alter the physical fabric of UIC campuses, as determined by the vice chancellor for administrative services, in consultation with the UIC architect. This includes, but is not limited to, major capital projects with project budgets of $5 million or more, which will have a visual impact on the campuses and for which UIC is required to seek design approval from the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

The DRC members are appointed by the Chancellor and include a combination of internal/UIC administrators and faculty and external design professionals, which will afford a balanced view on the design impacts of projects. Detailed information on membership titles and/or expertise is provided in the DRC procedures document.

The DRC will conduct three design reviews for each project at the following three phases of design: conceptual design, schematic design and design development.  The review of the first two phases (conceptual design and schematic design) must take place before seeking design approval from the Board of Trustees. Phases may be combined at the discretion of the DRC chair.

The DRC will serve in an advisory role to the chancellor, who is responsible for making final decisions on project design.

Reason for Policy: In the past, there has been an informal process in place to ensure that any projects that will have a transformative impact on the visual character of the campus are thoroughly reviewed by internal and external experts. To strengthen this existing practice, this policy requires a formal process to guide the planning and design of UIC campuses according to the master plan and design standards. The process is further required to assure timely and thorough design review of a subset of projects—major capital construction projects with an overall budget exceeding $5 million—as the required first step before seeking Board of Trustees approval through the Audit, Budget, Finance and Facilities Committee.

Minority Impact Statement:  This policy does not have a disproportionate impact on UIC’s minority faculty, staff or students. 

Who Should Read the Policy:  Any stakeholder responsible for initiating a project that would significantly alter the physical fabric of UIC campuses. 

Procedures: Once approved, then add a link here to the procedures document posted on VCAS website.

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