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What is a university-level policy?

Policies that are developed through the Committee on Policy process are non-educational and have broad application across the university, i.e., affect more than one college or administrative unit. The two additional criteria that define university-level policies are that they:

  • Advance compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promote operational efficiencies, enhance the university's mission, or reduce institutional risks; and
  • Mandate action or restraint with procedures for compliance.

Of the policies that meet this definition, many are owned by units with far-reaching institutional impact such as UIC Human Resources, Faculty Affairs, or Technology Solutions. One example is Employment of Relatives, a UIC Human Resources policy.

Policies vs. Procedures. A policy must meet the criteria noted in the definition above. A procedure is a statement that outlines, often in a step-by-step fashion, how a policy will be implemented and by whom. The Committee on Policy approves policies, but not procedures. Procedures are developed by the unit that owns the policy. This allows the unit to update its procedures on a regular basis without having to return to the Committee for approval.

What is the process for developing a new university-level policy? Heading link

UIC has established a process for the development, approval, and oversight of official university-level policies. The process is in place to ensure that these policies have a consistent format, are formally approved, widely communicated, centrally maintained, and readily available for review.

  • Start the process by filling out the policy needs assessment form for internal consideration and then the policy template. Contact the Committee on Policy with questions about developing or writing the policy.
  • Send the completed policy template to the Committee on Policy for administrative review by the committee chair and/or staff.
  • After clearing the administrative review, the policy will then continue through the policy development process. Please note that the policy review process may be adjusted, based on the nature of the policy. However it typically includes the following steps:
    • Initial Committee on Policy review, feedback, and/or next steps (may suggest review by additional campus entities to be impacted by policy);
    • Final Committee on Policy review and approval;
    • Initial Chancellor’s office review, feedback, and/or next steps;
    • Final review and approval by Chancellor’s office.

What is the process for transferring an existing university-level policy to the Policy on Policies template? Heading link

Where can I find a list of all university-level policies? Heading link

Search for policies in the UIC Policy Library. Policies will be added to the library as the Committee on Policy works collaboratively with responsible units to approve new policies and transfer existing policies to the university policy template. Units that own specific policies are encouraged to post those policies on their websites as well, together with the procedures that are related to implementation of those policies.

When a new policy is approved or an existing policy is transferred to the university policy template, the policy owner will notify all impacted parties. In addition, the updated policy or new policy will also be posted in the Announcements section of the policy website.

Who do I contact if I have questions? Heading link

The Committee on Policy is responsible for oversight of the policy development process and catalogs university-level policies on this website. For questions or additional information related to the policy development process or the policy website, contact the Commitee on Policy.