UIC Policy Library

Policies will be added to our policy library during the course of the 2017-2018 academic year as we work collaboratively with responsible units to approve new policies and add existing policies to the Committee on Policy website. These policies are all non-academic, university-level policies.

Policy categories

Categories of policies include:

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Policies approved through the policy development process

UIC has established a standardized policy development process for the development, approval, and oversight of non-academic, university-level policies. Educational policies are approved by the UIC Faculty Senate through a process described in the University of Illinois Statues.

Policies that are developed through the UIC policy development process are non-academic and have broad application across the university, i.e., affect more than one major college or administrative unit. The two additional criteria that define university-level policies are that they:

  • Advance compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promote operational efficiencies, enhance the university’s mission, or reduce institutional risks; and
  • Mandate action or restraint with procedures for compliance.