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Revocation of Degree or Certificate

Policy Number: AES-2500-004

Policy Title: Revocation of Degree or Certificate

Vice Chancellor/Associate Chancellor: Provost

Unit Responsible for Policy: Office of the Registrar

Effective Date: July 21, 2016

Contacts: Registrar, Office of Registration and Records

Policy Statement: The university reserves the right to revoke a degree or certificate awarded to a Recipient if, pursuant to established process, it concludes that there is clear and convincing evidence that the Recipient did not, in fact, meet all the conditions for the award of the degree or certificate. In those circumstances, the President may recommend to the Board of Trustees that the degree or certificate be revoked based upon the recommendations of the college from which the degree/certificate was earned, the VCAA/VCHA, and the Chancellor. No degree should be revoked without establishing a clear and convincing factual basis for revocation, in accordance with UIC's Degree or Certificate Revocation Procedures. These procedures provide the degree Recipient the opportunity for a hearing and a multi-level review of the findings.

Furthermore, the university reserves the right to withhold a degree, otherwise earned but not yet conferred, in order to correct an administrative error or as it awaits the outcome of a Conditional Event as defined in the Revocation Procedures.

Reason for Policy: The award of an academic degree or certificate from the University of Illinois Chicago is not only a certification of educational or professional achievement but also evidence of the fulfillment of UIC's institutional standards and requirements for that degree or certificate. The value of a degree or certificate is upheld not only by those graduates who earn it but also by those who rely upon the knowledge and integrity it represents. In order to preserve the integrity of the institution and safeguard its academic standards, UIC will determine through a fair process whether there is good cause to revoke the degree or certificate when it becomes aware that it has awarded a degree or certificate that may not have been earned by a Recipient, or to withhold a degree or certificate not yet awarded.

This policy applies to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, and degree or certificate recipients from all UIC sites. Honorary degree recipients are not subject to this policy. Matters related to honorary degrees should be referred to the Campus Senate for action.

Minority Impact Statement: This policy has no disproportionate or unique impact on minority students, faculty, or staff.

Stakeholders Consulted: Legal Counsel

Who Should Read the Policy: UIC faculty and staff engaged in policy development or implementation

Definitions: N/A

Procedures: Procedures related to Policy on Degree Revocation

Related Regulations, Statutes, and Related Policies: 

  • University of Illinois Statutes
    • ARTICLE V. GRADUATE COLLEGES, Section 1. The Campus Graduate College
  • UIC Senate Honorary Degree Guidelines
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  • UIC Student Disciplinary Policy (2011)
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