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Energy Policy

Policy Number: AS-4000-002

Policy Title:  Energy Policy

Vice Chancellor/Associate Chancellor: Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Unit Responsible for Policy: Utilities and Energy Services

Effective Date: October 15, 2021

Contacts: Director of Utilities, Assistant Vice-Chancellor and Director of Sustainability

Policy Statement:

Commitment to sustainability

The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) is committed to addressing sustainability in building operation and in the design of both new construction and major renovations of existing structures. Furthermore, in accordance with the University Energy Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees on November 14, 2007, UIC sets the following goals:

  1. Reduce energy consumption and cost
  2. Measure energy consumption
  3. Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels
  4. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Responsibilities of the campus community

Campus users must comply with sustainability processes and procedures in the operation of campus buildings and in the procurement of equipment. The principles and practices of this policy must be incorporated into university construction procurement, design policies and practices, and must be employed in the design of all qualifying building construction projects. Transportation-related and water conservation initiatives also fall within the scope of this policy.

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administrative Services is responsible for implementing energy management actions to consistently achieve energy performance improvements.

Energy generation, supply, and utilization

UIC is a signatory to the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment and has a Climate Action Implementation Plan to meet that commitment. Since building energy efficiency and energy use, as well as the associated greenhouse gas emissions, should be considered in relationship to campus energy generation and supply, the Energy Use principles extend beyond buildings and must include the following:

  1. employing a mix of renewable and non-renewable energy sources,
  2. increasing the efficiency of generating and delivering energy to campus buildings, and
  3. reducing energy consumption within buildings and surrounding areas.

Building construction and operations

The principles, practices, and standards governing the design of new campus buildings and structures, renovation of buildings and structures, and operations of building and structures must promote sustainability and support the UIC Master Plan, while also:

  1. supporting teaching and research
  2. providing access to excellence and promoting success
  3. enhancing campus vibrancy
  4. increasing efficiency by conserving resources
  5. inspiring innovation through green design principles; and
  6. balancing initial and long-term operating costs.

Reason for Policy:

Through implementation of this energy policy, the campus will reduce its environmental impact, increase the financial and social viability of the institution, and create a healthy environment in which energy efficient and sustainable practices are visible and evident to the campus and community. This policy recognizes that UIC is a complex institution both in its physical buildings and operations and in its organization. The policy expects faculty, staff and students to understand their energy footprint and to make intelligent decisions that will allow UIC to conserve energy and save money while carrying out UIC’s teaching, research, and service mission.

Minority Impact Statement: This policy does not have any disproportionate or unique impact on UIC’s minority students, staff, or faculty.

Who Should Read the Policy: All UIC faculty, staff, or other employees or representatives at the Chicago Campus and its regional or other sites (including but not limited to all UI Health sites).

Definitions: None

Procedures: Procedures for the Energy Policy can be found online.

Related Laws, Regulations, Statutes, and Policies:

 Document History: 

Approval date: 10/5/2021
Approved as: New Policy