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Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

Policy Number: AS-4000-001

Policy Title:   Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

Vice Chancellor/Associate Chancellor:  Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Unit Responsible for Policy:  Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Effective Date: January 12, 2017

Contact: Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Policy Statement: In recognition of environmental tobacco and smoke health risks, the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) will provide a tobacco-free environment for its faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors. Effective July 1, 2013, tobacco product use will be prohibited on all campus grounds, in all campus- and Campus Auxiliaries-owned properties, in all university-owned vehicles, and in private vehicles while on campus. This policy applies to all university buildings, facilities, student residence halls, campus grounds, and University-owned vehicles, as they are considered property of the University, whether owned or occupied, in whole or in part, by UIC. Furthermore, the sale of tobacco products is prohibited in all University buildings, facilities and on campus grounds. No faculty, staff, or student affiliated with UIC may discriminate or retaliate in any manner against a person for making a complaint of a violation of this policy, or for furnishing information concerning a violation.

This tobacco-free policy will be clearly posted and can be referenced in the policy and procedures section on the Human Resources website, on the campus website, and in other relevant publications. Key components of the policy will also be shared with families, alumni, patients, and visitors, and will be posted on signage around campus.

Any exceptions to this University policy must be approved by the Tobacco-Free Campus appropriate executive officer or designated representative.

Reason for Policy: UIC, subject to State of Illinois statutes, is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy, productive environment for all its students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors.  Compelling evidence now exists linking exposure to secondhand smoke with increased health risks for nonsmokers.  The presence of tobacco products on campus poses a health risk for everyone at UIC.

Minority Impact Statement: The policy has no disproportionate or unique effect on UIC’s minority students, faculty, or staff.

Who Should Read the Policy:  All students, faculty, staff, patients, visitors, and administrators at UIC.


  • Tobacco products: all forms of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes (hookahs), chew, electronic cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco products.
  • University: Refers to UIC.

Procedures: View the compliance section of the Tobacco-Free website.

Resources: View the questions and resources section of the Tobacco-Free website.

Related Laws, Regulations, Statutes, and Policies:

  • Public Act 095-0017, Smoke Free Illinois Act
  • University of Illinois General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure, Article I, Section 2(e).

Document History

 Updated version of Tobacco-Free Campus Policy, approved March 15, 2013.

Approved by: Committee on Policy
Approval date: January 12, 2017
Approved as: Updated Policy