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Remote and Hybrid Work

Policy Number: HR-4103-002

Policy Title: Remote and Hybrid Work

Vice Chancellor: Budget, Human Resources and Financial Administration

Unit Responsible for Policy: UIC Human Resources

Effective Date: 06/01/2023

Contacts: Associate Vice Chancellor, UIC Human Resources

Policy Statement: Remote Work and Hybrid Work arrangements will be allowed at UIC as determined by the policy and procedures.

 Background Statement: As the only public research university in the City of Chicago, the University of Illinois Chicago is a dynamic environment for students, faculty, staff and administrators. While on-campus work is preferred, a hybrid work arrangement and, in some special circumstances, a fully remote work arrangement, can create benefits for both the University and its employees. The benefits may include increased productivity and performance, more effective space utilization, employee recruitment and retention advantages, and better job satisfaction.

Reason for Policy: UIC offers flexibility to eligible employees to work hybrid or, in rare cases, remotely without compromising the University’s mission, work performance, or productivity. Further, the University acknowledges that this is necessary to stay market competitive, enhance employee recruitment and retention, address space constraints and increase environmental sustainability. Allowances for flexible work arrangements are an effort to modernize the university workforce, while continuing the delivery of high-quality service and allowing employees with some options for work-life management. The purpose of this policy is to establish standards and processes for Remote Work and Hybrid Work arrangements.

Application of the Policy: This policy applies to employees (i) whose positions have been determined eligible pursuant to this policy and applicable procedures, (ii) who are in good standing and (iii) who wish to participate in a Hybrid Work or Remote Work arrangement. The policy also applies to those employees working in UI Hospital & Clinics.

This policy does not apply to UIC Faculty or Graduate Assistants but does not prohibit a Hybrid Work or Remote Work arrangement if approved by their supervisor. This policy does not apply to Hybrid Work or Remote Work arrangements made through the University’s reasonable accommodation policy or process based on an employee’s disability or other applicable circumstances.

This policy supersedes any guidelines issued by any college, department or unit regarding Hybrid Work or Remote Work arrangement.

Minority Impact Statement: This policy does not have a disparate impact on minority groups and does not apply to workplace accommodation(s) under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), FMLA, or Workers’ Compensation.

Who Should Read the Policy: All UIC employees, especially university administrators with supervisory responsibilities.


Hybrid Work is defined as working from an assigned campus work location for a minimum number of days during a workweek and from an off-site location for the remaining workdays of the week on a regular basis. While working from an off-site location, eligible employees who are approved in advance for hybrid work are expected to work the same general hours that they were originally hired to work, or as specified in an applicable union contract, and to perform their responsibilities as they otherwise would at a campus work location.

Remote Work is defined as working from an off-site location all days of the week on a regular basis. Employees approved for a fully remote arrangement must work the same general hours they were originally hired to work, and to perform their responsibilities as they otherwise would if they were at an on-campus work location. An employee approved for remote work may also be required, at times, to attend meetings or work at a campus work location as directed by a supervisor or as operationally necessary.

Good Standing is defined as any employee who is not currently under a form of discipline.



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